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i love how those bricks looks

Deleted 79 days ago

I used your coin animation here:
Thank you.

thank you so much!

nice, i might use this

Thanks, what program did you do you?

Donated and got it. Epic Assets dude!

Im using this in Godot Engine, can i distribute it? I will give u full credits. :)

Nice work btw

yep you're free to distribute it!

Thank you! I will give u a small amount of donation  soon :)

Using parts of it for my prototype over here …

Goork the game

Inspired me when i started out to draw my own ingame alot also ;)

I also donated you some Money ;)

thank you so much, i'm so glad i could inspire you!


What is the appropriate attribution, if needed? Thanks!


The name "Kicked-in-Teeth" is preferred in your credits, however the name "George Fisher" can also be used!




Would pay for it but i don't got no cash moneez.


I understand thank you for the sentiment!