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Bubble emotes:

  • 16x16
  • 24 bubbled emotes
  • 24 transparent emotes
  • 6 frame animation of the bubble inflating

Creative commons licence under CC-by-sa: you are free to edit and use in commercial projects

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, 2D, emoticion, Pixel Art


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bubble emotes july update.png 9 kB

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You should add the license into metadata for the asset pack(s):

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your art

Nice asset, thank you!

Thank you for this super cool emotes! I really love them & planning on using them for a enemy emote system <3

If you like you can check my progress over here:


if you're up for a challenge you could try to kill the boss too >:D

Would you like to be credited as Kicked-in-Teeth in the game credits?

I hope you don't mind if i use these  for a game 

Hello, I have used your asset in my game. added your name to the credits. If you don't want me to use your resources, I can delete the assets. (Sorry for the translation)

Steam İtch Moddb

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very nice.

your assets are amazing! I used this and a few others in my game: 


If you wanna try the game out ill send you a free copy! 

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Hi! Thanks for that really cute set of icons!

I would like to integrate these emotes in a mod for minetest, an open source voxel game. Is that ok for you?

Would it be possible to specify the license/terms of use? From what you say (free to edit, free for commercial use) it looks like a CC-by-sa or a CC0.

Hi! thank you very much!
yes you're absolutely free to use them for your minetest mod

I'm so sorry i forgot to put down the specific license, the most befitting one would be CC-by-sa!


Sorry to bug you after you already made an effort, but would you mind either linking to a specific version of the CC-BY-SA or setting the “Asset license” field in the “More Information” box?

You’re so close to getting it perfect that it seems a shame to leave that ambiguity.

Thanks for sharing these.  I made this animated scene with the hearts.

Do you have such emotes in 32x32 or 48x48 res?

Being pixel art, i would either have to re-draw all of them to fit a 32x32/48x48 scale.
This might be something i would consider but as it is a free asset pack it's not on the top of my to do list

gonna follow your work! 


Hey! These were used in stardew valley, good job!

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No, they just look similar.

This is rad! I'm so excited to use these!

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Cool Pixel art! Can this be used in a Commercial Game?

Thank you, yes it can be used for commercial games.